How to Root Nook Tablet and Install Google Android Market!

For those of you who want to enhance and maximize your Nook Tablet’s powers, you will want to root your Nook Tablet and install Google Android Market.

Q:What does rooting your Nook Tablet and install Google Android do for you?

A:Well, there’s a ton of free apps on the Google Market (whereas the Nook Store has a lot less free ones), you can get those free apps by rooting and installing the regular Google Android Market.

Besides that, there’s a ton of hacks you can do to your Nook Tablet to get more out of it instead of just sticking with stock. Before you can do more things though, you need to “root” your Nook Tablet and here’s how to root your Nook Tablet on Windows computer. (Mac and Linux instructions coming soon…)

Step 1. Go Google “Android Wifi Tether” and download any of the latest apk file.  This is to access the hidden Application Settings menu.

Step 2. Once downloaded, choose “Package Installer” to open the apk file.

Step 3. You should get a message “Install Blocked”, choose “Settings”.

Step 4. Make sure “Unknown sources” is checked.

Step 5. Then select “Development”.

Step 6. Make sure all the “USB Debugging” are checked.

Step 7. Then uncheck “Auto mount”.

Step 8. Connect your Nook Tablet to your computer using a micro USB cable.

Step 9. Go to Control Panel->Hardware and Sound->Device Manager, you should see “Nook Tablet” pop up.  If it doesn’t show, try another computer/laptop.   For now, Windows computers seem to have trouble detecting Nook Tablet.

Step 10. Download and unzip.  You should get a folder called NookTabletRoot:


Step 11. Next double-click on the “Nook Tablet” icon, then click on “Update Driver”.

Step 12. Choose “Browse my computer for driver software”.

Step 13. Choose “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.

Step 14. Choose “Show All Devices” and click “Next”.

Step 15. Click on “Have Disk” and locate android_winusb.inf file inside the NookTabletRoot/usb_driver folder.

Step 16. Choose “Android Composite USB Interface” and click “Next”.

Step 17. Ignore the warning and choose “Install this driver software anyway”.

Step 18. Open up the folder NookTabletRoot and run double-click on runme.bat.

Step 19. Follow directions on the screen to get your Nook Tablet rooted, this should take about 5 minutes on average.

Step 20. Once your Nook Tablet reboots, go to the Market and install any apps you’d like just like on any other Android tablet.  Congrats!

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38 Responses to How to Root Nook Tablet and Install Google Android Market!

  1. john says:

    my nook tablet when i hit install the package on the APK it says secuirty blocked and i can only see an OK button, no settings. whats different from mine and yours?


  2. David says:

    will be getting a nook tablet any day now, and with today’s update to firmaware is there a way to stop auto updates? ie.. if i connect it to wifi to download the rooting tools, will it auto update? everywhere i’m seeing is you disable auto updates when you root it, but if this is the only way to root it, it may update as well adn i dont want to go on the newest firmare update that came out yesterday.

  3. boss says:

    you no life losers sitting home hacking things all day go get a girlfriend and do something with ur lifes other them hack fag o trans 1 inch pee wee

  4. Ian says:

    I had the problems of 0 files copied, and daemon started successfully. Thats where it hangs up, and i followed your instructions. Please hook me up what to do right.

  5. kate says:

    My nook has 1 file copied, but then it freezes at “waiting for device.” What to do now?

  6. Girl says:

    When I install my package it just pops up ok mot settings plz help

  7. Dave says:

    For the most part this is a great instruction for rooting the Nook Tablet, Thank you Max.

    For those of you having a problem getting though the first couple of steps, this is an instruction for rooting a Nook Tablet out of the box. If you have done anything to change you Nook I suggest getting it back to the factory setup. The way to do that is:
    Go to Setting – Device Info – Erase and Deregister device. This will bring your Nook back to the factory (out of the box) setup. Then proceed to use this instruction with the 2 helpful comments I have made below.

    Two problems I ran into:
    1. After executing runme.bat the Device Manager opens, close it and the batch file will proceed to run. If you don’t close the Device Manager, it appears the batch file has hung, when it is mearly waiting for you to act.
    2. I could not create a folder named “.android” in windows explorer so I make a folder named android. The bat file hung after loading daemon. I tried several time changing various things in the batch file, the final solution that worked for me was to create a folder named “.android” from a command prompt, type cmd.exe in windows search or in a run command. Check to see that you are at “C:\Users\User Profile” and type (without “) “md .android”.
    3. Execute runme.bat.

    This did it for me and now all is well in the android marketplace on my Nook Tablet :)

  8. aj says:

    After the auto update the market is no longer working. It said that i need to create an accounnt, when i click yes it takes me bavkllck to the home screen

  9. John says:

    I clicked on app installer instead of package installer by mistake when I was watching a video from a different instructor. When I click on the wi-fi tether download I get a message which says,”No application can be found for this device.” What should I do now?

  10. Ahmad Kabakibi says:

    thanks .. for your job
    but i have a problem with NookandZergy.bat
    it’s didn’t find my nook tablet
    i,m trying to re install and update my NT driver but it didn’t work why ?? if you can help
    thanks again..

  11. billy says:

    i’ve followed everything to a “T”. i even installed the .android folder, but it is still getting hung up at *daemon started successfully*. any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  12. J Wong says:

    After being rooted, will Nook tablet release the reserved 15G for other App installation? If not, 1G is not enough for android market app (many app cannot transferred to micro SD card).

  13. larry says:

    my nook says to archive an the unarchive why that

  14. larry says:

    my nook says to archive an then unarchive why that

  15. chris says:

    Has this been attempted on a nook tab 8g with version 1.4.2 ? Just bought one and I don’t want to brick it , however I would love to root it if possible its rediculous that Barnes and noble would lock these devices when they are capable of so much more

  16. Jhon says:

    who are the nook android before the root?

  17. Joshu says:

    Whn I run run me It never stars rooting my nook

  18. james says:

    hey do i need an sd card in order to root my Nook Tablet ?

  19. jenniffer says:

    So I was wondering if you have any idea on how to do this on the nook hd/hd+ 2.0.5. I couldn’t follow the video from the beginning because the menu options are different.
    You already have the best instructional videos. I am so happy with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus thanks to you. Please help :/

  20. pete says:

    I have a Nook HD Plus tablet. Looks like the settings on this one are completely different than your reglar Nook. Any thoughts?

  21. games hacks says:

    Hi there, yeah this piece of writing is truly good and I have learned
    lot of things from it regarding blogging. thanks.

  22. Michael says:

    Hey trying to root my nook. So far everything is matching up with your video. except for when i go to hit “runme.bat” it says cannot find path specified and doesnt copy the file. not sure what im doing wrong?

  23. Christopher says:

    Is this for version 1.4.3 ?

    • Tyle says:

      yea i want android market on my nook color version 1.4.2 too but the wifi tether thing says ok and there is no secret settings menu!

  24. Ben Yust says:

    I need to know if this works with the nook HD, because if these files screw up my nook i’ll be really mad. Please tell me if this works with nook HD

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